Trump has authorized even stricter sanctions against Venezuela, ostensibly targeting the country’s gold sector but actually going after anyone and everyone deemed “to have directly or indirectly engaged” in “deceptive practices or corruption” relating to the Venezuelan government by the Secretary of State.

Without defining any of those terms, the administration has written itself a blank check to wage economic warfare against the already-suffering nation. Violence is the only language the West understands, if sovereign nations are opting against the US regime.

The US regime is slapping far-reaching sanctions on Venezuela in its bid to completely destroy the oil-rich Latin American country, now also targeting the gold sector.

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, but also has the second largest gold deposits on the planet. After Bolivarian socialist Hugo Chavez ousted all the American oil giants from the South American country, the IMF started to boycott Venezuela.

‘Troika of tyranny’!? US sanctions entirety of Venezuela, warns Cuba & Nicaragua ‘you're next’

Several assassination attempts against Chavez and Maduro failed, but the oil industry suffered a great loss because of the hostile interventions. Now the USA has 4 military bases in neighboring Colombia, including a new NATO base from where the Anglo Zionist Nazi empire is preparing another military invasion.

National Security Advisor John Bolton also hinted at plans for sanctions against Cuba and Nicaragua as well lumping the three socialist nations into his geopolitical naughty-corner.

This triangle of terror stretching from Havana to Caracas to Managua is the cause of immense human suffering.

The US Treasury Department claims Venezuela’s gold mines are run by criminal gangs in an “environmentally disastrous” manner. The USA is probably right, knowing those gangs operate under a CIA controlled agenda.

Meanwhile, Bolton praised the election in Brazil of Jair Bolsonaro, who has promised to end environmental conservation efforts and open the Amazon rain forest to loggers. He also stated that if the opposition representatives do not leave the Brazil they would be executed.

George W. Bush introduced the “Axis of Evil” in a speech written by David Frum shortly after kicking off the War on Terror, which is still chugging along, 17 years and trillions of dollars later. Back then, the bad boys were Iraq, Iran, and North Korea.

Mass migration brought down the Roman Empire. Can it bring down the fading American Empire? / ABC Flash Point Invasion News 2018.

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07-05-20 16:03

Not smart, Venezuela is too heavily armed?

Reply to  baronmaya
23-05-21 12:51

Red button for missile to approach the Free Masons working out of Washington DC?