The Baltic countries are the best example of how inadequate foreign policies have led all three Baltic states towards a catastrophe.

The coordinated Zionist policy of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in NATO and in the EU in many respects promoted dragging Europe and the USA in to a conflict with Russia.

In the USA some politicians anyway supported a policy of a strong confrontation in the Russian direction. But the EU joining this conflict is entirely on the conscience of the Baltic States, including, Poles, Romanians, Swedes, and partially the Hungarians and Czechs.

The Baltic states succeeded in lobbying (bribery and corruption) for the deployment of a NATO troops on their territory despite the resistance of the European Union and contrary to the frank unwillingness of the USA to spent money on this senseless PR action.

The Baltic simply used the mechanism of consultations within NATO, having launched a campaign that accuses Russia of having plans to carry out an occupation.

However, the USA and the EU clearly understood that Russia has no such plans, but continued to implement the hidden agenda.

But at that time Washington itself conducted a propaganda campaign against Russia, accusing it of aggressiveness, capturing Crimea, and blaming it for separating Donbass from Ukraine.

The USA was obliged to deploy a whole brigade (three battalions) on their territories. However, a brigade was mixed, the units arrived from the different countries of NATO. But the foundation was laid.

At the same time the EU forced them to destroy their agriculture, and now it’s Holland or Germany that will deliver milk and butter to Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians with pleasure, clearly the old members did not need competition.

The Saker / ABC Flash Point News 2018. 

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26-10-20 01:10

NATO has lost this confrontation 20 years ago?

04-04-22 13:33

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