In Spain, the government is planning to introduce cash handouts to low income citizens as a way to help people recover financially, which might be turned in to a permanent instrument.

With this move, Spain will be the first European country that actually really introduces this type of poverty rescue campaign. Every resident will be handed out a fixed amount per month, with no strings attached.

Action groups like Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) explained that people will have a better chance to be happier in life. In the end robots and machines will take over the labor process which will create more jobless people anyways.

One country in the Middle East has already introduced a basic income since 2011 for the entire nation. Research proved that the people of Iran were not getting lazy, while young ones used the opportunity to study more in order to become better educated in the end.

After Italy, Spain is the hardest corona hit EU member state in Europe. The government in Madrid introduced an emergency plan and ordered to nationalize hospitals and other health care institutions.

ABC Flash Point Europe News 2020.

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13-04-20 01:13

Good move, less crime?

14-04-20 13:03

Finland, Switzerland and Scotland were also experiencing with this formula. No negative effects @ all?