Mounting US/UN- imposed sanctions on North Korea are endangering local children and forcing cuts in both health and education. In a move no one expected, South Korea yesterday announced the provision of a new $8 million aid package for neighboring North Korea.

The provision of humanitarian aid is directly in contrast with US calls for “more pressure.” South Korea’s Unification Ministry says that there is no risk of the aid being diverted to military use, and will not include any cash payments. The aid is to be in the form of food & medicine for children & pregnant women!

That UN sanctions are predominantly hitting children is hardly a shock, as it’s generally the case with major sanctions against any imperialist rival or enemy government in the world. The US and South Korea have long been on different pages on North Korea, as to whether to continue escalating tensions or try diplomacy.

On the other hand, Pyongyang has repeatedly offered to stop its nuclear program, if the USA would promise it would not attack the country, but obviously the USA does not want a peaceful solution in this matter.

The Western media completely ignores and censors this gesture, in order to blame North Korea for whatever seems to be convenient. Beating the drum for a “good” nuclear war with North Korea must be kept in order this way.

Mint / AA Magnum Analyst News 2017.

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