Interpol’s new boss is South Korean Kim Jong-yang, although reading the mainstream coverage of the news, it’s much easier to find out who did not get the job, or more specifically, that the losing candidate was Russian.

Perhaps anti-Russian sentiment has reached the point where something not happening to a Russian is deemed to be bigger news than something that does happen to someone else. Little of Kim Jong-yang’s biography, credentials or achievements is on offer in the articles either, which focus on Prokopchuk’s background instead.

In the meanwhile, French police said Friday they are probing the disappearance of the Chinese head of Interpol, who has “reportedly” been detained for questioning in his home country.

Meng Hongwei 64, was last seen leaving for China from the international police organization’s headquarters in Lyon, southeast France. It was not known why Meng was being investigated.

Before being elected head of Interpol in November 2016, Meng was vice minister of public security in China. He also ran the Chinese Interpol office. 

He was the first Chinese leader of Interpol, which connects the law enforcement agencies of its 192 member countries. 

Critics suggested that Meng’s election gave Beijing a chance to enlist more help in tracking down alleged economic criminals, including corrupt Anglo-Saxon officials, targeted by President Xi Jinping’s anti-graft campaign.

The Chinese clampdown on corruption, known as Operation Fox Hunt, has led to claims in some countries that Chinese law enforcement agents have been operating covertly on their soil without the approval or consent of local authorities.

Bangkok Post / ABC Flash Point Police News 2018.


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