The death toll in Pakistan ans Kashmir are skyrocketing as snowstorms and landslides continue to batter the Himalayas.

PM Khan has called for immediate assistance to be provided to Pakistan-administrated Kashmir, which is the most affected as severe winter weather continues to grip the country.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that he has asked for immediate humanitarian assistance to be provided to those suffering in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, as snowfalls and landslides have caused “misery & deaths” there.

A spell of harsh weather has so far claimed over 60 lives in the region, Pakistani media reported, citing officials. More than 50 people have been rescued, but authorities say the suffering is far from over, as another heavy snowfall is expected this Friday.

Another hard-hit region is Pakistan’s Balochistan province, where at least 30 people have lost their lives – according to officials cited by the media, most of them are women and children. Hundreds remain stranded.

At least seven people were also killed across Punjab region. The heavy snowfall has clogged the roads, bringing life in the affected parts of the country to a standstill, trapping residents and damaging dozens of homes.

There are fears that the death toll may climb even further since rescuers and relief workers have not been able to reach remote areas buried in snow, with the roads still blocked.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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12-06-23 13:12

Weather engineering?