In an interview with Sputnik, the Russian Foreign Minister has touched upon a wide range of issues, including the recent escalation around Ukraine, the West’s attempts to take advantage of it, as well as the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West.

Ukraine should not count on military assistance from the United States, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Sputnik, weighing in on the recent Donbass escalation.

There is no point in relying on military assistance from the USA. Everyone always knew that. If someone had an illusion that such help would come, well, such ‘advisers’ would be worthless in any government, including the government of TV-star Volodymyr] Zelenskyy.

According to Russia’s top diplomat, Zelenskyy’s team is “tying itself into knots” to reverse the Minsk agreements while the West, which backed the agreements at their inception, and is showing its powerlessness as it simply watches on.

The foreign minister recalled Zelenskyy’s statement about the agreements, when the Ukrainian president became “desperate to turn Minsk agreements around” and said that the treaty “is no longer good for us, but we need it because preserving the Minsk agreements guarantee so that the sanctions against Russia will remain in place”.

The West keeps trying to convince Moscow of the need to “soften” the Minsk agreements or change the sequence of the implementation of the set of measures, but doing so would lead to a massacre in Donbass.

A couple of weeks ago, the Ukrainian leadership decided it is necessary to revive the ceasefire topic again. This is shameful and reproachful.

According to the Russian minister, the OSCE statistics on civilian injuries and damage to civilian facilities “is not in favor of Kiev”, since it confirms that in the overwhelming majority of cases, it is Kiev which launches the strikes, thereby forcing the Donbass militia to retaliate.

As the foreign minister zeroed in on the tensions prevailing between Russia and the West, especially against the background of the expulsion of Russian diplomats, he emphasized that Moscow will not indiscriminately label countries as “unfriendly” without first conducting a deep analysis before making such a decision.

At the same time, you know, they send us signals, they propose establishing contacts. This means, they do not shy away from communication [with Russia], but try to discourage others.

The G8 format, established in 1998, was reduced to G7 in 2014, when the other member states accused Russia of interference in Ukraine’s domestic affairs following Crimea’s reunification with Russia, and slapped sanctions on Moscow.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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28-04-21 22:44

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Eddy G
Eddy G
Reply to  nituP
28-04-21 22:45

Mr. Lavrov must correct Mr. Ulyanov’s misrepresentations. To say “Iran never will build an atomic bomb” means that the United States will have no reason to lift sanctions. And the statement that “Russia will not allow Iran” is a hostile and dictatorial statement that is not expected from a friendly country. If these statements are not denied, anti-Russian politicians in countries in the region will take the upper hand and claim that Russia is not a reliable friend!