Putin’s first remarks during annual Q&A dealt with the progress of the Russian economy in view of his approximation of Lyndon LaRouche’s potential relative population density concept.

Featuring the 3.8% rise in real incomes over the year, the rise in life expectancy, and the planned increase in life expectancy to 80 years by a specific deadline.

TASS reported, that part of the latter plan is a trillion ruble ($16.16 billion) fight against cancer between now and 2024.

Putin also said that he expects the Russian government to make a positive decision to cooperate with China on a high-speed rail system linking Moscow with Kazan.

For Russia this is the first part of a planned high-speed train from Moscow to Beijing.

In the past, China had higher production activity than the rest of the world.
Even though China fought long inter region wars, it’s productive cycle remained high.

Empire Britannia with its Masonic reach cut China down during the Opium wars.
It’s taken this long for China to rebound to its former Global leader in productive cycles.

China has the world’s largest developing middle class, while the Middle Class of North America and Europe are being snuffed out.

Unless China turns on Russia in some kind of orchestrated betrayal, Russia should enjoy the benefits of having Global Tech Giant as its neighbor.

The West has to experience a Rebellion towards immigration and UN Agenda 21.
The ruins already have become obvious. Next is the Funeral of the Masonic NWO.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point Development News 2018.

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