Russia is the strongest supporter of Venezuela’s independence. The Russian military personnel, although officially not deployed to the country, are there as advisers.

Apart from humanitarian aid, loans, help with the reconstruction of Venezuela’s aging oil industrial equipment and other items blocked by the derailing hostile US embargo.

Russia also sent military advisers to help Venezuelan troops in setting up an integrated air defense network, aimed at deterring Washington’s aggressive actions, especially the use of air power to force Venezuela into submission.

The post-Cold War experience has shown the importance of advanced air defense systems. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria learned this the hard way after their communicates have been bombed back to the stone age by US air strikes.

However, Venezuela has another key issue. It has to do with its long stretches of coastline, as well as with the proximity of the US mainland, especially with America being a premier naval power.

Unlike the upgrade of the Venezuelan Air Force and Air Defense Forces, this issue was not addressed properly to defend Venezuela’s welfare. Until now. 

Russia and Venezuela have signed an agreement on mutual warship visits. The document was signed by Defense Ministers Sergey Shoigu and Vladimir Padrino Lopez.

At their meeting in Moscow, they discussed cooperation in the field of the defense industry. Outside interference in the situation in Venezuela was also mentioned at the meeting. / ABC Flash Point Welfare News 2019.

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