The destruction of depleted uranium shells in Ukraine has produced a radioactive cloud which has been blown toward Western Europe, the secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, has claimed.

Great Britain has supplied this type of munition to Ukraine to be fired from British-made Challenger tanks. Reports have circulated in Ukraine regarding the target of a Russian strike, which Moscow said destroyed an ammunition depot in the city of Khmelnitsky.

According to the claims, the military facility was used to store British-provided depleted uranium shells. It has been suggested that the material may have been turned into dust by powerful explosions at the depot.

Russia previously warned that the use of depleted uranium munitions poses a long-term environmental and public health threat, based on studies in nations such as Serbia and Iraq, where the weapons were previously used. London has denied such a risk.

While it is mildly radioactive, depleted uranium is mainly considered a health risk because the material is a toxic heavy metal. Particles of uranium or uranium oxide produced in an explosion could be inhaled by anyone exposed to them, or contaminate the environment.

Polish authorities have denied claims that a spike in radiation was detected in the eastern city of Lublin on Monday.

Speculation about the blast in Khmelnitsky was fueled by the reported deployment of Ukrainian military patrols that allegedly collected samples in and around the city.

A nuclear power plant is located nearby, but reports claimed that patrols that normally monitor the situation around the facility were seen far away from their usual routes.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Victor Victoria
Victor Victoria
21-05-23 15:45

Still not mentioned in any Western press. They are keeping this from their citizens, presumably to avoid panic and having their citizens turn against Ukraine in their moronic war.

21-05-23 15:46

European people like the American people are totally helpless by the killers who are hell bent to destroy as many Christians as possibly they could so nothing is better than the incineration of the “cockroaches Goyim” in such large numbers. The most evil of the evil people! Centuries history is riddled with their disloyalty and destruction of the country they have been given refuge by none other than the Christians!

21-05-23 17:05

With a bit more wind it will reach Westminster and “radiate ” the Houses of Parliament .