US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used the D-Day anniversary to compare China to Nazi Germany and retcon WWII into a global struggle for democracy. He wasn’t the only revisionist pseudo-historian of the fabricated 1944 Normandy landings.

Speaking with the Daily Caller on Saturday – the 76th anniversary of the Western Allies landing in occupied France – Pompeo compared the current government of China with Nazi Germany.

The promises that the Chinese Communist Party had made in their treaty with the United Kingdom that they broke when they made the decision to deny Hong Kong people the freedoms that they had been promised were similar to some of the promises that were broken back in the days when Germany advanced against the rest of Europe.

But, Britain and France did not declare war on Nazi Germany over Adolf Hitler’s “broken promises,” but when he invaded Poland. After all, London and Paris were perfectly fine feeding him Czechoslovakia in Munich the year before.

Moreover, comparisons to Nazi Germany are downright insulting to China, which suffered up to 20 million deaths between 1937 and 1945 fighting off Imperial Japan – the country that actually got the US involved in WWII by attacking Pearl Harbor.

Britain ceded Hong Kong back to China in 1997, after a 99-year lease colonial arrangement. London first took possession of the city in 1842, as spoils of the first Opium War.

Every country has a touchy subject. For the USA, it’s racism. For China, it’s the territory seized by outside powers back in the sunset days of the Qing Dynasty. Ironically, earlier in the day, Pompeo told China to go to hell for commenting on riots in the USA.

Just last month, the US administration erased the Soviet Union from celebrations of Victory Day over Nazi Germany. Pompeo did the same thing in the Saturday interview, saying that the Normandy landings were a vindication of American founding ideals.

Pompeo kept going, saying that Americans landed in Normandy “to defend freedom all across the globe,” and crediting “people who believed in democracy” with winning the war.

He even drew a line between 1944 and the current US policy, saying the Trump administration strives to “make sure that every nation that was part of that coalition to protect the democracy and freedom around the world.

The men who braved a hail of bullets to land in Normandy that June morning did a brave and noble thing, for which they deserve credit and eternal memory.

What they absolutely don’t deserve is to be used as pawns in modern political games, at home or overseas. If you have any decency remaining, let them rest in peace.

In fact it was Russia whom defeated Nazi Germany, and not the allied soldiers, who killed teenage “Hitler-jugend” boys to claim their victory.

WW II was designed to invade Russia and China, killing 47 million people during the territorial occupation between 1937-1945.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW II News 2020.

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07-06-20 14:55

Russia defeated Nazi Germany, not the allied invaders when they landed in Normandy?