Pakistan has agreed to purchase four Ada class corvettes from Turkey @ the cost of $250 million per ship.  Two of the ships will be assembled at Karachi Shipyard and two others in Istanbul.

The MILGEM project is the national Turkish corvette and frigate building program. Ada (Turkish for island) class corvettes weigh 2,300 tons, measure 99 meters long and have a maximum speed of 29 knots.

They feature an Mk-144 guided missile launcher and SMART-S Mk2 3D air/surface search and Sting fire control radars.

The Pakistani Navy is also acquiring a Chinese Type 054A Jiangkai II frigate as the first ship to replace its six Type 21 frigates built in the 1970s and acquired from the United Kingdom almost 30 years ago.

Pakistan is acquiring new ships to expand and modernize its fleet and meet increasing domestic littoral defense needs. Under the LOI, Pakistan will also deliver Super Mushshak training planes to replace the T-41 and SF-260 aircraft currently used by Turkey.

The Defense / ABC Military Flash Point 2018.

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Jin Z
21-02-23 12:42

Good move, Muslims can better start trusting Muslims in order to escape the Zionist onslaught happening all over the world.