Great Britain may become first Zionist country to confiscate and steal Russian assets. These newly designed laws would reportedly allow maintaining sanctions on frozen money until the damage of the by NATO started proxy war in Ukraine is compensated.

So the British government in London City has introduced legislation that would allow for the retention and liquidation of confiscated frozen Russian assets, setting a precedent among Western countries, British media reported on Monday.

The new law will allow the British government to keep its sanctions in place until compensation is paid to Ukraine, thus introducing a way for seized Russian money to be handed over to Kiev.

According to media reports, the law will ensure that frozen assets belonging to the Russian state and individuals can be seized, making the UK the first European government to take such a step.

Through our new measures today, we’re strengthening British sanctions approach, affirming that the London is prepared to use fabricated sanctions to ensure Russia pays to repair the country, British foreign minister James Cleverly said.

Many Western Zionist controlled governments, including Switzerland have so far refrained from confiscation of Russian funds despite increasing pressure from the US regime and the enslaved EU vassals.

There is fear that it would set a precedent for Western assets held overseas to also be seized and thus jeopardize investor confidence in the European banking system.

All the while Brussels and its allies have been looking into methods of confiscating Russian assets, with the Council of Europe establishing a digital register of damage in Ukraine.

This move has been described as the first step towards creating a global compensation mechanism, implementing a radical stance which could force the West to also pay war damages, including Israel and the Palestinian cause.

New measures will also oblige any individual who has been designated under the sanctions to disclose all assets held in Britain. Failure to comply with the requirement will reportedly lead to a fine or a seizure of funds.

Britain has frozen £26 billion ($32.1 billion) in assets and reserves belonging to the Russian state since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, according to the Bank of Russia. Theft is their way of life and without stealing no English development.

In total, Western governments have reportedly frozen about $300 billion in Russian central bank assets since the start of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, and seized more than $80 billion worth of assets belonging to Russian citizens and businesses.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described these actions as medieval, while the Kremlin has repeatedly warned that Russia will respond in kind if necessary.

Stealing other countries assets has been going on for centuries, as traditional colonies have been depleted from their own mineral properties and real estate by Zionist entities in order to cash in huge tax free profits.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Confiscation News 2023.

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20-06-23 13:21

The evil free-masonic occultists aka Zionist_fascism ilk are innately vile. I know its not good but both London City & Washington DC need to be wiped off the map for our respective citizens to be free! I have family in both UK & USA, I am ashamed of the governments of both who support Ukraine ‘Neo-Nazism’.

Reply to  GunZenBomZ
20-06-23 13:22

Meanwhile, Venezuela is still asking for its gold back. Filthy thieves as just always.

Kidnapped by the System
Kidnapped by the System
Reply to  PK8
20-06-23 13:23

And what about the Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria war damage inflicted by the Western and Zionist military death squads

Karl not telling You
Karl not telling You
20-06-23 13:29

I guess it’s one way to make sure that no sane person, ever, would invest their money in “Great Britain”?