Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu said this week he believes in a policy of “zero” tolerance for rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip and Syria, no matter how sporadic. In the meanwhile the IDF keeps on pounding the Egyptian Gaza Strip and Syria with air strikes?

Is Israel creating a blueprint for an all out war in the Middle East? Thousands of US troops have arrived in the Jewish state to support the regime in an event of all out war against his Arab neighbors.

“Netanyahu’s policy is zero spillover”, he told cadets at the National Defense College, an academic institution which trains high-ranking defense officials in national security fields.

“Spillover” is used to refer to sporadic rocket strikes in northern Israel, as a result of years-long fighting between the Syrian government and rebel forces along the  occupied Syrian Golan Heights and Palestinian West Bank border territories.

Last week, Netanyahu credited Israel’s policy of targeting Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip in response to the trashed livelihood of the Palestinians living. The Gaza Strip has been completely surrounded by the Israeli military since 2007. No one get’s in, and no one get’s out. That also counts for food and other basic humanitarian aid.

Since the 2014 Gaza War, Hamas has largely prevented other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip from carrying out attacks the Holy Regime, leading to one of the quietest periods between Israel and the coastal enclave since the 1967 Six Day War, according to Israeli statistics on terror attacks. But the Israeli military blockade continues to go on.

Times of Israel / AA Magnum Analyst Blog Site News 2018.

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