Namibia will consider joining OPEC if its newly found oil fields enter development. Joining OPEC will be one of the options Namibia will consider, if the oil fields discovered off the country’s coast prove large enough for commercial development.

On October 10, Qatari Minister of State for Energy Affairs Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi said that Qatar’s oil and gas company QatarEnergy wants to accelerate the development of two oil fields, Venus X1 and Graff, it discovered off the coast of Namibia with joint venture partners.

Qatar Energy owns 30% of the shares of the Venus X1 field development joint venture, while the field’s operator, French Total Energies, has 40%, Private Impact Oil and Gas company owns 20%, and Namibia’s state-owned NAMCOR has 10%.

In the Graff field, UK Shell and Qatar-energy each hold a 45% stake, while the former German colony company NAMCOR owns the remaining 10%.

The commissioning of these fields could make Namibia, a southern neighbor of OPEC member Angola, another oil producer on the African Atlantic coast. The companies have not yet reported on the quantities of oil found in the fields.

After decades of sporadic false dawns, exploration drilling off Namibia finally delivered earlier this year with two breakthrough oil discoveries. Both are in adjacent blocks in the Orange basin, and were the first ultra-deep-water wells drilled anywhere offshore Namibia.

Shell’s Graff, reportedly containing up to 500 MM-bbl recoverable, was quickly followed by the Total Energies-operated Venus, which some reports suggest could be one of the biggest fields discovered anywhere offshore Sub-Saharan Africa.

Last month, during an oil conference in Dakar, Namibian Energy Minister Tom Alweendo said that the joint venture partners could start production at the country’s new fields in four years.

Sputnik / ABC Flash-Point African Oil & Gas News 2022.

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Dream Killer
Dream Killer
27-10-22 12:10

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27-10-22 12:45

Namibia is a long time friend of Russia going back 20 years + and abstained in the vote against Russia involving Ukraine –having said that only 10 % of the profits from each oilfield is very low and most of its oil will benefit the EU/USA . Impact Oil & Gas are financed by Helios Investment based in the City of London only one brown face on the Board of Directors although it concentrates on Africa it has other worldwide investment areas . I am hoping Namibia eventually has the cash to finance its own exploration in the future .… Read more »

Reply to  Donnchadh
27-10-22 17:37

Unfortunately the technology to explore and extract oil and gas outside Russia and China or Iran is in Zionist hands. A good example was Venezuela, which were not permitted to import mechanical parts to maintain operating the refineries. Evil sanctions took care of the rest.

Last edited 4 months ago by APB1961Curacao
Reply to  Valkry
27-10-22 17:58

Boycotting delivery of industrial maintenance parts is the stranglehold used by the controlling entities.