Energy-intensive businesses in France are currently preparing for possible power outages in the event of further reductions of natural gas supplies from Russia, says the CEO of Michelin, Florent Menegaux.

The top executive says the tire manufacturer is now also prepared to run factories on oil and coal again. What we’ve done is we’ve converted our boilers, so they’re capable of running on gas or oil, and we can even switch to coal if we need to.

The French industrial majors have been pressing ahead with contingency plans to avoid disruptions amid grim warnings of a possible stoppage of Russian gas deliveries that are repeatedly issued by some EU leaders.

The aim is to avoid having to shut down a plant in case we face a gas shortage, saying that while a gas cuts were likely, non-Russian oil would still be available as a powerful alternative.

It usually takes days to start tire production on a manufacturing line, making it vital to maintain a steady energy supply.

European nations have faced a substantial reduction in Russian energy since the EU unleashed sanctions on Moscow in response to its military operation in Ukraine.

On Monday, Russia’s Gazprom, suspended operation of both sections of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Europe because of scheduled maintenance that will last 10 days.

Gas flow had already been reduced to 40% of capacity due to operational challenges, caused by the failure to return a serviced turbine on time from Canada due to sanctions.

Russia has stopped gas shipments to the nations that have refused to adopt the gas-for-rubles payment scheme introduced by Moscow.

The countries affected include Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark’s Orsted, Dutch company GasTerra, and energy giant Shell for its German contracts.

On Sunday, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that the nation was preparing for a complete suspension of gas supplies from Russia, adding that the first line of defense is for households and businesses to reduce energy consumption.

He also said that Paris was also looking company-by-company to see which could be forced to scale back production to save energy if necessary. / ABC Flash-Point News 2022.

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12-07-22 04:23

French manufacturing like Italian manufacturing and German manufacturing cannot function with black outs. Certain industrial process for example like smelters, literally are ruined permanently if there is no power for 24 hours. Most heavy industrial plants have to function 365 days per year, 24 hours per day just to be profitable. Now imagine the losses these EU imbeciles will incur if ever they have repetitive black outs. It’s costly to support Neo Nazism in the EU. I wish France a lot of blacks outs specially with people like Emmanuel Macron reelected. Disgusting french voters. You deserve it and so do… Read more »

Reply to  Valkry
12-07-22 04:24

comment image

12-07-22 04:25

Next they will run their boilers on promises, they are endless.

12-07-22 04:49

Why all the cries of feigned despair-?
Pull out a gun -shoot yourself in the foot and you limp for a long time -how childlike the EU has become when “daddy ” USA tells it what to do ( to its own detriment).