The leader of an Apostolic megachurch, Pastor Guillermo Maldonado, will host the launch of President Trump’s “Evangelicals for Trump coalition at a January 3, 2020 rally.

The West Kendall Church for years has been a popular campaign stop for political candidates interested in wooing Hispanic voters, the Miami Herald writes.

Since Christianity Today released an editorial op-ed calling for Trump’s removal from office, the president has been working to strengthen his evangelical base.

The rally at Maldonado’s West Kendall Church is part of that strategy and also gives him access to one of the country’s largest Hispanic congregations.

Maldonado is a Honduran immigrant who goes by the title “apostle.”Maldonado is close to Trump and was present when the president signed an executive order protecting free speech and religious liberty.

Axios / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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