McDonald’s employees following the #MeToo movement demonstrated outside the company’s Chicago headquarters to draw attention to the suppression of the harassment cases, chanting “We’re here, we’re loud, sexual harassment is not allowed,”

Organizers told the AP that the strike targeted restaurants in Durham, Orlando, Florida ; North Carolina; Kansas City, Missouri; Los Angeles; Miami; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; New Orleans; San Francisco and St. Louis, Missouri, making it the biggest multi-state strike in the history of the company.

McDonald’s workers are on strike against sexual harassment to raise awareness, hold them accountable, and push for better resources when issues arise. If you’re able, don’t eat at McDonald’s today. Standing with McDonald’s employees & those who have experienced sexual harassment.

Workers at the rally said that sexual abuse coercion and harassment are everyday occurrences in the restaurants and that McDonald’s didn’t address these problems despite the complaints to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that had been filing on behalf of workers since 2016.

Other stories showing the cases of inappropriate behavior from co-workers and managers suggested that some employees exposed themselves in front of females and made suggestions that woman came to this job to “work as prostitutes.”

People are scared. They worry that if they complain it will affect their legal status, they could get fired or there could be retaliation.

“Sexual harassment puts working people in a no-win situation — forcing them to choose between a paycheck and enduring abuse,”

According to 2016 survey conducted by Hart Research Associates, 40% of women in the fast-food industry reported facing sexual harassment, with only 4 in 10 reporting the issue to their employer, trying to avoid the harasser instead.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point USA News 2018.

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Kidnapped by System
Kidnapped by System
24-11-22 23:14

Organized rapists at large?