French President and globalist Emmanuel Macron has announced the creation of a 10 nation “World Army” that will begin operations next month, fulfilling prophecy from the Book of Revelation.

The move to head a world army is the latest globalist maneuver by Emmanuel Macron, the former Rothschild banker and new “golden boy” of the European Union.

Macron has declared support for a Federal Europe, a European Army, and a World Government.

Defense ministers of France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark and Estonia will sign a letter of intent in Paris in June, pledging to develop a common strategic culture.

While Macron has waged a charm offensive on President Trump, attempting to gain the American president’s trust, the truth is Marcon’s globalist policies could not be further from Trump’s nationalist agenda.

And it seems Macron—who compares himself to Jupiter, the Roman god— is intent on using his new 10 nation world army to work towards the goals for a Federal Europe, a European Army, and a World Government.

Revelation 17:12 warns us against a 10 nation army forming in the final days, explaining that the power of the army with give “authority to the beast”.

Whether or not Macron is the beast identified in Revelation, he is the man who has risen to greater power in France than any politician since the 1960’s.

French President Emmanuel Macron will bring together a 10-nation coalition of the willing next month designed to prepare European armed forces to take action together in emergencies, and to bind bankrupt Britain into military cooperation as it leaves the EU.

The former Rothschild banker, married to his former high school teacher (a woman 26 years his senior) is a bona fides elitist and a literal French prince, determined to enact globalist policies on France, Europe and ultimately the world.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point NWO News 2019.

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