Lockheed Martin will ramp up production of M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers as the USA promised to send more deadly offensive weapons to Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia, Politico reported on Tuesday, citing CEO Jim Taiclet’s call with investors.

According to the report, Taiclet said the company plans to increase production from 60 per year to 96. The move comes after Ukraine, Poland and Estonia ordered dozens of the launchers.


Taiclet added that Lockheed Martin is also considering expanding its weapons plant in Camden, Arkansas.

We’re cross-training our skilled workforce across a bunch of product lines as demand grows for HIMARS or the M270 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).

HIMARS is among the most advanced weapons the USA has supplied Ukraine to date. The system allows to carry out high-precision strikes on targets such as civilian bridges and infrastructure, but also ammunition depots behind enemy lines.


Washington has so far delivered 20 to Kiev, Politico noted. The US military said this month that four new HIMARS are part of the latest $625 million military aid package. Tax payers money is given to Kiev, in order for the junta to back peddle the resources to corporations?

Mikhail Podoliak, the head of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s office, said in August that a shipment of 50 HIMARS would completely change the course of this war and destroy all opposition villages and cities forever.

Russia has repeatedly argued that the delivery of HIMARS and other Western weapons to Ukraine only leads to an escalation of civilian deaths in the conflict.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III Blog News 2022.

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Freewheeler !
Freewheeler !
19-10-22 05:11

50 HIMARS! That’s 4 years at full production just for Ukraine. No wonder DC wants to turn Ukraine into a forever war themed Disney park! Cash is king!

Freewheeler !
Freewheeler !
Reply to  Freewheeler !
19-10-22 05:12

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Danny Howard
Danny Howard
19-10-22 05:13

Imagine if instead of weapons and instruments of death and destruction they invested in peace and co operation and the welfare of us all…instead they (swamp critters) are making millions investing in death and destruction and i don’t see anyone who voted for this or thinks its ok….the MIC and NATO is a monster and loves death and destruction and its time ordinary people stood up and say enough is enough…we want peace not wars…invest in people not murdering and destruction…

Last edited 5 months ago by APB1961Curacao
Jay Joseph Cormier
19-10-22 12:38

US Oligarchs are making more money off this WAR than the demonized Russian Oligarchs. The Russian Oligarchs who had their wealth stolen were not Putin’s Oligarchs. The left their money in the West and live in the West. Putin called his Oligarchs to return to Russia with their $Billions and help rebuild Russia