Until 2010, Libya was a stable, peaceful country in which communities lived together in harmony and people went about their business.

We choose the year 2010, and not 2011 when the violence started because by the end of 2010 dark forces from Western Europe had already gathered in Benghazi, plotting the unrest which would lead to Libya’s civil war from 2011 onward, culminating in the total destabilization of the super oil-rich Arab State.


A spiritual indictment was not accepted by the European Court of Human Rights and did not receive the courtesy of a reply from the International Criminal Court.

The conclusion is that under the law today, you are punished for stealing a bottle of mineral water, but not for murdering babies depending on whether you are the leader of a NATO country or not.

The Arab African country with the highest Human Development Index was turned into a failed State where living conditions have descended into a living hell.

Libya was turned into Western controlled slave markets, widespread chaos including torture, rape, mutilations, murder, women having their breasts sliced off in the streets, girls raped before and after being decapitated.

NATO masterminded a ferocious attack by hordes of foreign mercenaries with its own boots on the ground in direct breach of UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011).

And today the capital, Tripoli, is facing the liberation of the forces of Marshall Haftar, based in Benghazi, after the entire Ghadaffi family fortune was confiscated by Western banks and corporations, partially to fund ISIS for more fatal destruction.

As his Libyan National Army (LNA) forces close in, launching air raids on the capital, thousands of people have been warned to flee, as the most vulnerable victims being children and other civilians.

We will remember that in its savage and illegal attack on Libya, NATO regarded the Ghaddafi grandchildren as legitimate targets and deployed military hardware against civilian structures such as the water supply and electricity grid to break their backs.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has urged all parties to the fighting to seek a peaceful solution since there is no military solution to the Libya conflict.

As the LNA, after several warnings closes in on the capital, 3,400 people have fled Tripoli, which hosts the UN-recognized puppet Government of National Accord, led by Faiez Serraj.

Another serious humanitarian situation threatens to unfold in Libya, the country destroyed by NATO. Where, then, is the accountability?

Pravda / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
28-04-20 17:13

Libya will catch back its footing, when the Zionists are ran over in hell.

Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
26-08-20 12:48

Until colonial master power France decided it was enough. UN and NATO supported the invasive attitude and assassinated another African president?