Israeli Regime forces executed another three Palestinian demonstrators, during this Fridays protests against occupation forces, in Gaza.

Faris Hafez al-Sersawi (12 years old), Hussein Fathi al-Raqab (20 years old) and Mahmoud Samaan (24 years old), were all unarmed when they were killed by Israeli Sniper Fire.

The Gaza Health Ministry reported that also 376 protesters, got injured by Israeli military attacks, including 10 women and 30 children.

In addition to women and children, multiple reports indicated that medical volunteers, as well as journalists, had been shot and injured. Such cases as Mohammed Assi (Medic) and Duaa Zo’rob (Journalist) are critical condition, after being shot in the chest by Israeli Snipers.

Unarmed Palestinians have been demonstrating, in Gaza, against the Israeli Occupation and for their Right of Return, for more than six months (since the 30th of March). Since then, over 220 Palestinians have been killed and 22,000 more injured by Israeli Regime violence.

An Israeli helicopter also launched an attack on the Jabalia refugee camp, earlier the same day. Not a single Israeli has been killed or sustained an injury.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Genocide News 2018.

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Female assassins are the best for the ethnic cleansing job?