A Palestinian fisherman was shot by the Israeli occupation navy while sailing off the coast of the besieged Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning.

Head of the Fishermen Committees Union in Gaza Zakaria Baker told the PIC that Murad al-Hissi, 22, was injured by a rubber-coated metal bullet fired by the Israeli navy, and he was later taken to hospital for treatment in Gaza city.


The Israeli Navy on opened machine gun fire at Palestinian fishermen and their boats off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Although the Israeli army extended the permitted fishing areas off the shores of Gaza up to 15 nautical miles and deployed buoys as marks for fishermen, its naval forces opened fire once again at Palestinian fishermen during their work within 4 nautical miles off the coast of Beit Lahia, north of Gaza?

Baker stressed the need for international protection of Palestinian fishermen in Gaza who are constantly targeted with shooting attacks, arrests, and confiscation of their fishing boats and equipment.

Palinfo / ABC Flash Point Extermination News 2019.

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24-02-21 19:13

Are you trying to get some food, now that can not be allowed by the Zionist order?