A multilateral military treaty between Honduras, Israel, and the US regime will see the deployment of 1.000 Israeli soldiers stationed at the Latin American country.

This would be the second time that Honduras is allowing foreign military personnel in the territory and the first time in Israel’s history to send such a large deployment of troops abroad.

The main mission of the troops is to train for border protection to stop migrants fleeing Honduras to the USA, especially children.

Apart from border protection, fight against drug trafficking, investigation, and counter-terrorism will be drilled as well.

The presence of Israeli soldiers is part of bilateral cooperation between the two countries before Honduras transferred its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Israeli army will share space with the Joint Task Force-Bravo (FTCB) of the USA at the Jose Enrique Soto Cano air base in Palmerola.

Honduras also has an agreement of more than a million dollars with Israel in terms of purchasing arms, military equipment, and powering ships and planes. The 10-year agreement was signed in 2016.

The military training agreement was joined by the USA because they have a permanent military base in Palmerola and want Honduras to guard their borders due to an upsurge of migrants going towards the North American nation.

Global Research California / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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09-05-20 21:17

Israel looking for peace in Central America, or are they just protecting the lucrative Colombian drugs trade?

Don Tjien
Don Tjien
Reply to  baronmaya
20-07-20 05:45

Protecting the DEA rings for monopolizing the very lucrative powder?