Following a letter penned to the Knesset by 1,142 Israeli Air Force reservists declaring suspension of their military service, Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant confirmed that he is trying to delay the reform, Israeli media reported last week.

Spokesperson of the Israeli Army Daniel Hagari said the military was checking the details of the letter and will examine the implications.

He warned that failing to report to reserve duty hurts the IDF and state security, adding: Over the past days, it is evident that cohesion has been damaged, which will take a long time to repair.

The reservists wrote in their letter: Legislation that allows the government to act in an extremely unreasonable manner will harm the security of the State of Israel, will cause a loss of trust and violate my consent to continue risking my life – and will lead, with deep sorrow and no choice, to a suspension of my volunteer reserve duty.

Meanwhile, Gallant, Channel 12 reported, is trying to work within the political system to try and defuse the crisis that deepened when more than 1,140 reservists, including over 400 pilots, announced they would suspend their volunteer reserve duty.

Gallant stated that he was: Working in all ways to bring about a broad consensus, prevent damage to Israel’s security and keep the IDF out of the political dispute.

However, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-right partners, added: Even if we wanted to leave the legislation and stop, we simply cannot.

Minister of Defence of Israel, Yoav Gallant on May 4, 2023 [MENELAOS MYRILLAS/SOOC/AFP via Getty Images]

Smotrich continued: A country that gives in to threats of generals will actually be a country ruled by a military junta, which is the farthest thing from democracy.

More than 1,000 Israeli Air Force reservists threatened to stop volunteering for service if the government goes ahead with a planned judicial overhaul, a key component of which comes before parliament next week.

The letter, signed by 1,142 reservists including hundreds of pilots, was the latest sign of opposition within the military to far-reaching judicial changes being pushed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s religious-nationalist coalition.

People stage a demonstration against the government's judicial overhaul bill outside the Tel Aviv Art Museum near the Israeli Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 19, 2023. [Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency]

The seeping of the constitutional crisis into the military has jarred Israelis who long saw the armed forces as an apolitical melting pot for a fractious society. On both sides of the schism, worries have been voiced about war-readiness.

Netanyahu pledged to crack down on no-shows for military reserve duty, which he said risked inviting attack by Israel’s foes and undermining its democracy.

The government won’t accept insubordination. The government will act against it and will take all necessary steps to ensure our security and our future, Netanyahu told his cabinet.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
26-07-23 08:37

The 350 million Arabs in 22 states could not threaten Israel, they are too weak and they clearly don’t want it badly enough. Israel is only threatened by in-fighting amongst the certain Jews.

Reply to  Lady Shadow
26-07-23 08:38

Do you want to tell me that the ghetto Jews of Eastern Europe
are stronger than the French, the British, the Italians, that
the Arabs successfully removed from their countries? No, the
Jews get the most sophisticated weapons delivered to them from
America and it is the American weapons that are giving them the
power in the region and not because these ghetto Jews are so

Kidnapped by the System
Kidnapped by the System
26-07-23 17:44

Nice front page image, they all seem to look to be surprised and laugh it off? While this female entity in the back ground spies on the angry person on the left side of the cover picture taken.

27-07-23 02:33

Palestinians are little more than plastic ducks at a shooting arcade and heaven help any anti-Semite who might argue otherwise.