Explosions were reported in the Gaza Strip early Saturday morning local time, hours after a rocket was launched from the Palestinian territory into Israel.

According to local reports, Israeli aircraft bombed an observation post along Gaza’s eastern border with Israel. There was also at least one unconfirmed report the explosion had been a balloon with explosives attached to it and not an airstrike.

Friday evening, a rocket fired from Gaza set off air sirens in the Israeli town of Netiv Ha’asara, just north of Gaza, before exploding harmlessly in an empty field.

The incident came after news earlier this week the Israeli government had advanced plans to build nearly 5,000 housing units in the Palestinian West Bank, which is already heavily colonized with Israeli settlements and which Jerusalem only narrowly backed away from plans to annex earlier this year.

It’s the same battle again, fighter planes against tom thumb fire crackers. Some country has to take on Israel but nobody puts up their hand, except for Iran, but this rogue is not unbeatable. Zionists always cry out in pain as they are striking other people.

Times of Israel / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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