In recent days, Tel Aviv has faced mounting international criticism over the historically ongoing deadly hostilities, which involve exchanges of F-16 airstrikes from Israel and rocket attacks from Palestinian militants.

The escalation has resulted in civilian deaths on both sides, though with significantly more victims on the Palestinian side, especially the genocidal campaign against children.

The Israeli air campaign against Hamas, which has involved multiple strikes on high-rise buildings in the Palestinian enclave, has been criticized by the UN. Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged both parties to stop the fighting immediately.

One of the first strikes was on communication systems on Saturday which destroyed a 13-floor Gaza building that housed Qatar-based Al-Jazeera and the French Associated Press.

The Gaza escalation follows days of unrest in Jerusalem, prompted by Israel’s plans to forcefully destroy several Palestinian family homes in an occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood.

The plan triggered mass protests of Palestinians in the city, which were met with a heavy-handed response.

Israeli police even stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the last days of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, prompting accusations that it deliberately prevented the faithful from praying.

Netanyahu’s last statement is an arrogant challenge to the whole world: it is an implicit confession-declaration that Israel is above the law and the UN, and that WE, THE WORLD can still do anything about it.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Middle East News 2021.

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16-05-21 22:01

All the Dictators in Israel controls US Presidents and US policy. No outrage ever since USS Liberty was attack in 1967, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats.

The USA in a dying state as a country now, – with Billions of US dollars goes to That Evil Empire Israel every year. The USA cut off it’s own Throat…

16-05-21 22:03

This is genocide. Backed, supported, instigated, financed by US corrupt Congress, under Zion’s total control.

Reply to  Tjitjalengka
16-05-21 22:04

Whenever a leader of a warring country finds the polls are against them and their loss of power is imminent to remain in power the answer is to create a crisis.

Netanyahu ordered the expulsion of Palestinians in Jerusalem knowing protests would ensue, also the heavy handedness of the police would lead to riots which in turn results in Hamas firing missiles.

It is solely a play to remain in power, a statement to say I am powerful and protect our country while the opposition is weak. Margret Thatcher and the Falkland crisis was a prime example.

16-05-21 22:06

Hopelessly indoctrinated American herd of sheep still believe that their masters in Washington are supporting democracies.

What democracy has Israel (a US baby of ME), when a declared criminal PM is still in charge.

Killing aboriginal Palestinians in their rightful land is best way to win an election.