After numerous attacks by Israel on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, but also Hamas, the response on the Palestinian side has been both rational and peaceful.

Since the beginning of the ‘Great Return March’, a non-violent demonstration calling for the Palestinian right of return, under UN resolution 194, a total of 49 peaceful demonstrators have been killed and over 8,000 injured, according to the Palestinian Ministry Of Health.

Not only have non-violent demonstrators been targeted, but also Hamas itself. Israel have launched air strikes day in and day out, against what it calls “Hamas positions”, to which Hamas have not actually responded to.

Despite the fact that Israel killed 6 Hamas Qassam fighters and also launched air strikes that same day against positions in Northern Gaza, Hamas did not respond.

The week prior to this Israel also conducted strikes against six different locations within the Gaza Strip, after launching air strikes into boats in Gaza’s port (Gaza City).

In the event that Israel initiates a large scale bombardment and confrontation with Hamas in Gaza, perhaps using Iran as a smokescreen, it is important to understand the actions that have been carried out by the Israeli Regime.

Hamas have even been attempting to push for a truce with Israel, as was reported by Haaretz News as they picked up on the Hamas press releases that seemed to allude to the truce.

Instead of engaging, in a peaceful way, Hamas, they have continued to pursue a racist policy which suggests the only language that they can speak to Palestinians is violence.

Whilst the world was distracted on the 30th of April with Netanyahu’s Iran spat, the Israeli Knesset was busy passing a bill that has now given the power to the Satan leader to launch a war without Knesset approval.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Apartheid News 2018.

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Prins van Oranje
08-09-20 10:03

Now, who wants peace?

Reply to  Prins van Oranje
17-10-22 11:09

The world wants peace except for two regimes, they make money with wars against humanity?

Keir Brown
Keir Brown
29-03-23 16:45

Eventually these Zionist crime rings will be cought in their own set trap?