Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, Israel and its global lobbies have had an extraordinary run of success.

In the USA and Canada, the passage of laws against the BDS movement; US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the shifting of the embassy there; the appointment of an ambassador who is no more than Israel’s point man in Washington.

So is the Kushner plan and US acceptance of Israeli annexation of the West Bank; and in the UK, the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn, partly if not largely based on a slanderous Zionist campaign launched against the Labor Party generally and Corbyn personally.

This was the most malicious political assassination in British history, with the corporate media and the Zionist lobby driving in the knives day after day.

The main Jewish newspapers had already maligned Corbyn in the same front page editorial when the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, used the Corbyn-hating Times to attack Corbyn as “mendacious” and to plant fear among British Jews.

These attacks were not about Judaism but Israel. Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti-Semite. This is so obvious that it should not need saying.

The false charge of antisemitism is the weapon used by Zionists throughout modern history to destroy critics of Israel and here it was being used again.

That had to be prevented at all costs and the accusation of antisemitism was the weapon used, on the grounds that repeated often enough people would believe it.

Now Israel is moving on to its next success, the annexation of the West Bank. This is due to begin on July 1, Netanyahu and Gantz having agreed on its fundamentals and the US ready to rubber-stamp whatever portion of territory they decide to take.

Initially, this seems to be 30% plus the Jordan Valley. The 70% ostensibly left to the Palestinians will mostly consist mostly of rural land running alongside the border with Jordan.

The Trump-Kushner ‘peace’ plan was deliberately written to be unacceptable to the Palestinians, all of them, including the now-embittered Mahmud Abbas. Now he is of no relevance to anyone anymore.

Kushner would have known perfectly well that the Palestinians would never accept it. No capital in Jerusalem, disarmament in Gaza as well as on the West Bank, Israel in charge of ‘security’ and all borders, no right of return, no more legal claims against Israel on the basis of history.

But also no independent foreign policy, no joining of any international organization except with Israel’s approval, no more payments to the families of martyrs (Israel’s ‘terrorists’) and the acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state.

With increasing portions of the West Bank annexed, under the false sovereignty of an occupying power, the Palestinians will eventually be outnumbered by the settlers poured into their land.

This is the script being written by Netanyahu and his cohorts. A racist parliament will endorse it and even more pseudo-legal and practical obstacles will be raised to make life even more unbearable for the Palestinians.

This is a heinous plan, a plan devoid of any legality, a plan cooked up by criminals and charlatans.

The Zionists may see it as the end of the road but this is a long war and annexation is no more than another milestone in the struggle Against the takeover of Palestine by European colonists in the 20th century.

American Herald Tribune / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
25-04-20 21:14

No religion, just pure evil annexation of other people’s homeland.