The Israeli military has engaged in its second bombing of the Aleppo International Airport this month, committing another war crime as the world looks the other way.

As the previous bombing was ignored by the bastion of peace and security, known as the United Nations, we anticipate the continuation of silent complicity in this atrocity.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, at around 3:55 a.m. today, the Israeli military carried out another air assault, launching a number of missiles from the direction of the Mediterranean, west of Latakia.

Under cover of dead of night – Israel bombed the Aleppo airport, killing several innocent civilians and destroying a number of buildings at the Aleppo International Airport.

According to Israeli media sources the criminal bombings also hit targets in and around Damascus, and in and around Latakia.

Aleppo International Airport is the second largest airport in the Syrian Arab Republic, and has been an international hub for receiving essential humanitarian aid – from countries not beholden to the US criminal sanctions which are in breach of the noble UN Charter.

UN laws require a Security Council Resolution to impose actual sanctions on any member state – to assist in relief for victims of the devastating earthquake of early February, 2023.

The World Health Organizations Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, PhD, arrived in Aleppo 11 February, bringing over 30 tonnes of supplies for the Syrian people.

As noted, neither the NATO-run United Nations nor the Secretary General Antonio Guterres have shown their non-neutral allegiance by remaining mute over the US’ greatest welfare queen’s war continues criminal bombings of the Levantine republic.

SANA has issued an updated report noting that all incoming and outgoing flights from Aleppo International Airport will be diverted to Damascus and Latakia airports until repairs are made.

The Civil Aviation Organization stated that after evaluation by the technical and engineering teams, damage was found to have been done to the runway and against some navigational equipment.

Syria News / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Bulls Eye
Bulls Eye
23-03-23 16:15

If the international community keeps on looking the other way, nothing will change for the derailed and mentally raped Palestinian population?