Iran is offering and distributing large amounts of fuel to Lebanon, in order for the demonized Arab nation to survive hostile US sanctions.

The typical small amounts it has offered in the past through its proxy, Hezbollah are not enough to keep the Mediterranean country out of a designed demoralizing crisis.

This direct overture is an attempt by Tehran to gain more leverage in Lebanon and to taunt Washington, which has warned Lebanon against accepting what is said to be an offer of over 660,000 tons of gasoline in violation of the Zionist sanctions.

Fears are also still running high for the potential of an Iranian counter attack on Saudi oil facilities, with Iran continuing to maintain the high-level uncertainty to use to its advantage.

On Wednesday, the Iranian intelligence minister warned Saudi Arabia that Tehran might not continue its strategy of patience, noting that any instability in the region (such as the unrest in Iran) could be contagious and spread to other countries of the region in a veiled threat.

In the time-honored give and take between Turkey and Russia, Ankara is appeasing Moscow by beginning to partially pay for Russian gas supplies in rubles. In return it is hoping to get the idea of a Turkish hub for Russian energy under way.

Italian Eni will take two million barrels of Venezuelan diluted crude for this month loaded, resuming the country’s oil-for-debt deal with another Zionist sanctioned government in Caracas.

The destination for the two cargo’s is Bilbao, Spain. The last time Italy took Venezuelan oil was in July, 2022. The US regime had previously blacklisted tankers linked to a so-called Iranian oil-smuggling network.

Oil / ABC Flash Point Oil & Gas Distribution News 2022.

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Na Dang
Na Dang
12-11-22 15:52

While the USA is stealing oil from Syria and Israel confiscates maritime gas reserves from Gaza and Lebanon, the Zionist unity sanctions Muslims to escape their designed demise?

Bingo Mania
Bingo Mania
Reply to  Na Dang
12-11-22 15:56

Imagine the world confiscating and stealing US oil & gas reserves in order to sanction them from importing these life saving commodities!

Wishfull Thing King
Wishfull Thing King
12-11-22 15:54

Oil is a Zionist entity polarizing freedom as a glorified propaganda tool.