US president Donald Trump announced the death of Al Qaeda leader in Yemen, Qassim al-Raymi on Thursday evening, without noting the exact date or method of execution.

The leader of al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was killed in a (so-called) counter-terrorism raid in Yemen, US President Donald Trump has stated. The the group may be no closer to defeat then in 2015, when its last “Emir” was killed.

A couple of years ago the USA, took al-Qaeda of the terror list in order for them to fight in Syria against Assad. The terrorist task in Yemen have seen to come to an end.

Al-Raymi joined Al Qaeda in the 1990’s, working in Afghanistan for Osama bin Laden. Under Raymi the AQAP committed unmatched violence against civilians in Yemen and sought to conduct and conspire numerous attacks against governments in the Middle East.

In Yemen millions of people were intentionally contaminated with cholera in an attempt to speed up the Zionist ethnic cleansing program of Shi’ite minorities. Chemical- and Biological warfare are the new kind of evil tactics in the Muslim countries.

But with help of the western media al the war crimes and most evil crimes against humanity are censored in order to disguise the real intentions of the global cabal.

Strategically Yemen is very important for the Saudi Red Sea oil shipping flows to be continued, where the fossil fuels are transported through the Mandab Strait to the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean into Asia.

The United Nations never and later sparsely tackled the humanitarian situation in Yemen. Unconfirmed reports about al-Raymi’s death emerged last week, with some suggesting that the terrorist leader was killed in a US drone strike.

Al-Raymi was propelled to the highest leadership role in AQAP in 2015, following the death of its previous figurehead, Nasir al-Wuhayshi, who was killed in a similar American operation.

At the time, some analysts warned that celebrating al-Wuhayshi’s death was a “flawed” reaction, noting that more radical elements tend to take over when previous commanders are taken out.

The White House nonetheless hailed the assassination (probably by Iranian agents), saying it was another step toward degrading and ultimately defeating these groups, created by Mossad puppet the CIA.

The ethnic cleansing program for Yemen has been denied by the world institutions, but starting 2015, the facts show the results of the ongoing slaughter of innocent civilians living in the poorest of the 22 Arab member nations.

Al-Raymi was also tied to a number of deadly attacks, including a 2007 suicide bombing that killed eight Spanish tourists in Yemen.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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