Israeli media reported that the Israeli army is concerned about what it describes as a significant change in the concept of air defense by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The party’s doubling of the number of air defense systems in its possession, was initiated in an attempt to restrict the freedom of striking action of the Israeli Air Force in Lebanon.

Air defence systems, SA-8 Gecko [wikipedia

The Israeli army considers Hezbollah’s decision to restrict the Israeli Air Force with available Russian air defense systems, SA8 and SA22, is a fundamental change in Hezbollah’s strategic concept.

The attempts are being made to restrict the Israeli Air Force’s freedom to operate during normal hours, Israel’s Maariv newspaper reported.

The newspaper added that Israeli estimates indicate that Hezbollah doubled the amount of air defense systems in its possession during the last five years, and that these defense systems are based mainly on modern Iranian systems.

Earlier Hezbollah implemented this threat two months later, when it fired a SA8 missile at an Israeli Hermes 450 drone, which was on an intelligence-gathering mission, but the missile missed the target.

The Israeli army monitored the vehicle from which the missile was launched, and requested to target it, but the Israeli political level, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu did not approve of this, in anticipation of an escalation.

The Israeli army views this event as extremely important for the future, and that it motivated Nasrallah to show other field capabilities. This was followed by three attempts by Hezbollah to shoot down Israeli drones.

Afterwards, the Israeli army discussed the possibility of targeting Hezbollah’s air defense systems, then removed this issue from its agenda, while Hezbollah enhanced its arming with air defense systems.

Later Hezbollah announced that it had shot down an Israeli drone that infiltrated Lebanese airspace in the Azziya valley near the southern Zibqin.

The party’s media outlet confirmed the downing of the drone in a brief statement, without mentioning other details about the incident.

The spokesman for the Israeli occupation army also admitted to the drone being shot down in a brief statement in which he said, A drone was downed in Lebanese territory during a routine activity, and there is no fear of information being leaked.

The European Jews inserted themselves in Palestine claiming to be the Hebrews coming home but somehow they forgot that their faces look very foreign and very European. That must be very embarrassing for them anytime anybody mentions the way they look.

Palestinian-Christians, Palestinian-Muslims and European-Jews.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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07-07-23 15:41

The Jewish State is the forward outpost of Western imperialism in the Middle East. That explains the reason why the West as a matter of fact continues to ignore the settlers’ atrocities in the occupied Palestinian lands.

07-07-23 15:47

The war in Ukraine and the troubles in Palestine: two glaring examples of an egregious repulsive double standard policy by the West.

15-07-23 09:08

Nice migration map, showing the real trek of these fake Jews, now residing at the stolen lands, by killing and forcefully deporting the victims of the onslaught.