Haftar’s forces said they had attacked a depot for weapons and ammunition at the port “to weaken the combat capabilities of the Turkish NATO mercenaries who arrived from Syria” to support Tripoli.

Libya’s UN-backed government, the GNA, has suspended peace talks in Geneva, following the attack on a strategic port in Tripoli on Tuesday.

Negotiations don’t mean anything without permanent cease-fire guarantees returning the displaced people and the security of the capital and the other cities.

The attack came as representatives of the GNA and rival commander Khalifa Haftar’s LNA were starting their second round of UN-brokered peace talks in Switzerland.

Germany and the UN hosted the meeting, attempting to cut off external military support for the warring parties in the country, as the United Arab Emirates and Turkey refuse to stop arming their allies.

The LNA is backed by the UAE, France, Russia and Egypt, while the GNA’s main supporter is Turkey. Turkey said that Haftar’s forces had fired on a Turkish ship near the port but “missed” the target.

Libya’s state oil company, National Oil Corporation, said it had evacuated all fuel tankers from the facility after a missile struck meters away “from a highly explosive liquefied petroleum gas tanker discharging in the port.

New Europe / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Ding Dong
Ding Dong
22-02-20 14:32

They are bombing positions because the other party is going on with arming their mercenaries?