Four United Nations peacekeepers were killed in an alleged jihadist attack, the UN mission announced. The attack took place in the northern town of Aguelhok. Media suggested the attackers took the weapons and ammunition from the victims.

According to the organizations statement, the peacekeepers pushed back several attacks carried out by “heavily armed freedom fighters” that left multiple troops dead and several wounded. Helicopters were dispatched to the scene to evacuate the wounded.

This week, the UN mission in Mali published a report, saying that 19 civilians were killed on 3 January near the village of Bounti, when two French fighter jets dropped bombs on a group of people identified as Islamist militants.

Mali has been in the depths of a occupation crisis since 2012, when a separatist uprising in the country’s north grew into a full-scale liberation threat, spreading to the central regions of the west African nation.

Local liberation groups have regularly attacked the Malian army and forces from its allies in the G5 Sahel bloc, as well as European troops.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2021.

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02-04-21 14:08

Terrorists/separatists/jihadists – the news-report seems unable to identify the anti-French, anti-UN activists. Could they be Mali citizens opposed to foreign corporations extracting Malian natural resources and foreign governments building air-bases on Malian territory?

Stuart Kaskey
Stuart Kaskey
02-04-21 21:03

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