China’s attempts to control regional territories and boost the country’s economic influence could threaten global security, Justin Urquhart Stewart, co-founder of Regionally, a UK Regional Investment Platform, told New Europe.

China continues to expand its influence in Africa and South Asia, while increasing its presence in the Indian Ocean, particularly in Sri Lanka, which recently elected a staunchly pro-Beijing government that alarmed its giant northern neighbor India, which is a traditional adversary of China’s.

A good example (of China’s expansionist policies) can be seen in Sri Lanka, where you saw a port being built for a Chinese trading hub in Sri Lanka, in the country’s southeast, that has no particular need at all because there are not many people living in Sri Lanka’s southeast corner.

The port was built with loans from China and those loans could not be serviced properly because the debt rates went up. As a result, the loans were then handed back to China and given to the port of Shanghai, which now controls the facility.

The port just so happens to fit the entire contingent of the Chinese navy that operates in the Indian Ocean.

The Indian government is absolutely furious over this as it is another example of China using its military and naval strength elsewhere around the world and using its ability to enter those markets with cheap loans.

And if the loans can’t be satisfied, then they will take over ownership and increase their control, once a formula only applied by Western regimes. Now one should always be wary that the Chinese Communist Party will be seeking to increase their influence at every opportunity.

China is actively looking to take full advantage of the isolationist policies that the Trump administration has enacted since he came into office nearly four years ago.

The Chinese are very definitely using their position of influence now. As far as Beijing is concerned, they will be using everything possible to improve their global position.

To counter that, Europe must use its powerful trading position to counter China’s expansionism and needs to do exactly the opposite of what the USA is doing now.

Brussels needs to use its position as a strong trade body to make sure they can handle the Chinese militarily, but also on an economic basis, as well.

That becomes more complicated now because one of the more stupid consequences of the UK pulling out of the EU is that Britain now has absolutely no influence on China whatsoever.

What Europe needs to do is reach a new trade agreement with China, but also realize that the influence the Chinese will have is greater than ever before.

Europe has to realize that it is the largest trading block in the world and that China needs to do a deal with it that way. Europe needs to use that strength to make sure it can control or contain whatever China is doing.

The Dutch have already established laws that forbid Chinese investments in their Caribbean colonies, that are facing bankruptcy, as austerity measures sabotaged and derailed the autonomous government, including the livelihood of the friendly people.

New Europe / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Bon Futuro
Bon Futuro
29-08-20 01:28

Most of the nations already sold their crown jewels to China. Even Italian pride Pirelli got auctioned off. We can not even stop eating Chinese food?

12-01-21 21:38

A little bit too late for that to happen?