US President Donald Trump has once again lambast the impeachment probe led by Democrats in the US House of Representatives, accusing them of trying to change the impeachment guidelines two days before the start of the hearings.

He argued that the move is designed to “change the rules of the game”, which the Democrats are purportedly losing due to failing to gather enough facts to actually impeach POTUS.

Donald Trump has repeatedly slammed the Democrat-initiated impeachment probe as a “hoax” and “witch hunt” designed to prevent him from governing the country.

He has specifically criticized the lack of due transparent process in the investigation and that he is unable opportunity to call witnesses and defend himself.

Trump’s tirade apparently refers to House Judiciary Committee head Jerry Nadler releasing a report on the constitutional grounds for impeaching POTUS on 7 December, with the next round of impeachment hearings starting on 9 December 2019.

The report is essentially an update to the general impeachment guidelines, which explain when and how a US president can be impeached.

Nadler’s amendments to the rules of impeachment addressed the way president’s order to defy subpoenas should be treated and whether he can be impeached for abuse of power, even if the intended abuse was prevented.

The Saturday report also justified the Democrats’ decision to commence the impeachment ahead of the 2020 election, despite Trump running for a second term.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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