George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police on May 25 has prompted some to liken American policing methods to Israeli occupation policing, and to point out that many US police officers have gotten military training from Israeli officials under the sponsorship of Israel lobby organizations.

At least 100 Minnesota police officers attended a 2012 conference hosted by the Israeli consulate in Chicago, the second time such an event had been held.

There they learned the violent techniques used by Israeli military as they terrorize the occupied Palestinian territories under the guise of security operations. The so-called counter-terrorism training conference in Minneapolis was jointly hosted by the FBI.

Thirty Georgia human rights and racial justice organizations last December came out in opposition of a program sponsored by fervent Israel supporters in which state law enforcement agencies send officers to Israel for training.

Exchanges between US police and the Israeli army promote a brutal military occupation as a positive model for community policing.

Under the banner of “counter-terrorism” training, Israel is presenting lessons learned from 50 years of illegal military occupation over a Palestinian population deprived of human and civil rights.

Racial profiling, violent suppression of protest, massive surveillance, militarization of school security and the ongoing displacement of people from their homes are not lessons US law enforcement or US mayors should be bringing home.

Thousands of American law enforcement officers have gotten Israeli training, the Intercept reported in 2017. Alice Speri wrote that several pro-Israel organizations have sponsored the programs.

In the aftermath of 9/11, Israel seized on its decades-long experience as an occupying force to brand itself as a world leader in counter-terrorism.

U.S. law enforcement agencies took the Jewish state up on its expertise by participating in exchange programs sponsored by an array of pro-Israel groups, like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and the Anti-Defamation League.

Over the past decade and a half, scores of top federal, state, and local police officers from dozens of departments from across the U.S. have gone to Israel to learn about its terrorism-focused policing.

One of the most dangerous places where the regimes of Trump and Netanyahu converge are in exchange programs that bring together police, ICE, border patrol, and FBI from the US with soldiers, police, border agents, etc from Israel.

In these programs, “worst practices” are shared to promote and extend discriminatory and repressive policing practices that already exist in both countries.

Including extrajudicial executions, shoot-to-kill policies, police murders, racial profiling, massive spying and surveillance, deportation and detention, and attacks on human rights defenders.

Mondoweiss / ABC Flash Point Execution News 2020.

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15-06-20 12:52

Assassins are trained in Israel, so the Jewish agenda in the USA can continue to excel?

Reply to  baronmaya
15-06-20 17:42

Career killers @ work?