Global lock downs are putting old people under virtual house arrest at home or in their care institutions, denying them proper medical care, destroying the value of their pensions.

Covid-19 is a disease that is disproportionately dangerous to people older then 65 years and those with serious underlying health conditions. Where and in which pockets will all those surplus retirement money end up.

Coincidentally this is the same age that people go into retirement, after working for @ least 45 years, probably making their bosses rich, and saving a part of their income to have regulated and hopefully healthy afterlife? Now, think about that, isn’t that weird?

Billions of hard working people that we obligated by law to save money for retirement and make monthly payments to fabricated pension funds worldwide. And now all of a sudden we have a virus that especially targets people at the age of 65 or older?

Now, that what experts, analysts and scientists call a probable cause for organized crime. The trillion dollar big business has now arrived in its final capitalist stage.

The most frightening figures from the overall death toll attributable to the disease arise where health services are overwhelmed and cannot cope with large numbers of elderly people who have contracted it.

In short, the lock downs that we are seeing around the world should be largely justified by saving the lives of older people. The trouble is that stories are also emerging which suggest that older people are not being protected anywhere near as well as we might expect.

This first became apparent in Italy. Even as early as mid-March, there were reports that Piedmont had put in place guidelines to refuse intensive care for the over-80s if resources became too stretched.

It is true that old and frail people may simply not be well enough to benefit from being put on a ventilator. But having a policy simply based on age suggests the lives of older people are regarded as less important.

Some of Britain’s biggest care providers have complained that they have been denied Corona-virus tests and that GP’s were no longer visiting care homes, saying: You just feel completely abandoned.

When we are told that society must be locked down for weeks or months, we need to balance the harms of such measures against the harms of a more liberal approach. or do we all want to live like Palestinians, locked up and isolated forever?

With all the focus on cases and death tolls, we are missing the devastating consequences of these lock downs for the very people they are supposed to protect.

The burden on our society getting the blame for countless unemployed people is a little far fetched, but we need to understand that this process sounds more like a doomsday scenario, leaving the free world behind, as we know it, in shatters.

If we really want to protect the elderly and vulnerable, we should be working fast to normalize society as soon as possible, so the tax people won’t be paying the bills for authorities that messed up their jobs to really protect us.

ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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10-04-20 23:33

We are all being fooled like trapped animals in a cage?