US-backed Colombian President Ivan Duque has claimed that the Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino in Caracas is considering purchasing medium- and long-range missiles from Iran.

The Colombian president’s claims followed five Iranian tankers in late May delivering more than a million barrels of oil to Venezuela, hit by a serious fuel shortage caused by US sanctions.

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza rejected the allegations, tweeting that Duque is “returning to infamies and anti-Venezuelan fiction to distract public opinion” from what he described as ongoing “massacres, unleashed violence, and uncontrollable drug trafficking” in Colombia.

Venezuelan Interior Minister Nestor Reverol announced that the country’s armed forces and police had thwarted an attempted naval invasion by US mercenaries who tried to enter Venezuela by sea from neighboring Colombia.

Thanks to the fast and effective actions of our armed forces, and of the police task force, some [mercenaries] were brought down, and others are now imprisoned for 20 years.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has repeatedly denounced groups receiving support from the Netherlands, Colombia and the ever hostile F-UK-US coalition, accusing them of seeking “to undermine the stability of our homeland with violent actions.

Caracas and Bogota broke off diplomatic relations in early 2019, amid an escalation of a political crisis in Venezuela as opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido proclaimed himself “interim president”, calling on the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro to step down.

Maduro responded by accusing Guiado of trying to stage a botched coup to help western corporations to rob Venezuela of its vast oil and mineral resources.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2020.

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Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
21-08-20 06:18

Venezuela improving protection against hostile invasions continues as long as evil entities are aiming to confiscate the huge oil- and gold reserves held in Latin America?