President Gustavo Petro admitted on Friday that Cocaine and Oil have always been Colombia’s top main export products, since cocaine became the number one drug for the USA and Europe.

Petro’s (DEA) opponents have accused him of creating a Narco-state, while the president insists that market forces and foreign demand are responsible for the surge in cocaine production.

Cocaine, supported by the chemical industry (Shell) has been Colombia’s first export product many decades, and if not, the second, Petro wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Everything depends on the international price of both products, if the price of oil falls, cocaine is the largest export, if the international price of oil rises, it is oil [first] and cocaine the second.

Under Petro, Colombia has largely abandoned its policy of fumigating coca plantations, focusing instead on arresting senior drug gang leaders.

Meanwhile, Petro has permitted small coca farmers to keep their crops, and struck ceasefire deals with some of the country’s largest armed humanitarian militias, many of whom finance their guerilla operations with cocaine profits.

Amid this change in drug policy, cocaine cultivation reached a record high in Colombia last year, according to a UN report.

With potential output of the drug up 24% on 2021, cocaine is set to overtake oil as Colombia’s most lucrative export before the end of the year.

In 2022, Colombian cocaine exports earned $18.2 billion, with oil earning $19.1 billion, according to Bloomberg’s statistics.

Petro’s opponents say that the president’s policies are directly responsible for lining the pockets of DEA protected drug traffickers.

The Dutch Caribbean islands mostly function as tax harbors for the cocaine profits, which are made by the Netherlands and Spain as the main global drugs distribution centers for Europe and beyond.

But Petro’s opponents keep pressing that Petro must prevent Colombia from turning into a Narco-state, fascist Senator Miguel Uribe Turbay of the opposition Democratic Center party wrote on X on Friday.

However, the fact that cocaine revenues are closing in on oil earnings demonstrates the reality that oil extraction doesn’t earn as much money as oil production if the USA and Colombia want productive economies.

Colombian Cocaine is the Worlds best. That is why it sells so well all over the USA. We demand the best and get it. We don’t care for Peruvian or Ecuadorian coke.

Unlike opioids, a specific poppy extract, cocaine has no legitimate medical use, such as for pain. Considering its a recreational drug for addicts like USA’s president’s son, Hunter Biden, its astonishing Columbia has such a huge market that it can reach.

The product requires smuggling to reach its consumers. It boggles the imagination how the Colombians accomplish logistical challenges such as bypassing various nation’s coast guards.

Therefore coke has fueled more startups than any other substance known to man… it gets you through a 36-hour day no problem. People don’t want you admit it but it’s what makes Wall Street tick.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Bob Jack
Bob Jack
17-09-23 01:05

Coke has fueled more startups than any other substance known to man. All well and good as long as most of the drugs are shipped to American and European consumers.

Last edited 17 days ago by APB1961Curacao
Count Grokula
Count Grokula
17-09-23 01:07

A Colombian community organizer from NYC once told me that the US consumes 70% of the world’s cocaine. I don’t know if this is true, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I read somewhere that the US consumes 50% of the world’s tranquilizers. That was at least ten years before the opioid epidemic got started, though, so that last number is probably outdated.

Paradox Para
Paradox Para
Reply to  Count Grokula
17-09-23 01:57
Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
17-09-23 01:52

Criminals are slaves that do not want to pay taxes to organized crime rings, called governments of royal entities.