Russia and China intend to jointly engage in the development of oil and gas equipment that can be used in both countries, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said this week.

China is one of the key manufacturers of equipment for the oil and gas sector. There is already close cooperation on the supply of oil and gas equipment for projects in Russia.

Chinese ship carriers are involved in maritime transportation between our countries, including LNG transportation.

We plan to jointly engage in the development and production of equipment that can be used both in China and in Russia, Novak said at the fourth Russian-Chinese energy business forum.

In the meantime, a statement from Chinese President Xi Jinping, read at the forum, also noted that Beijing wants to boost cooperation with Moscow in the energy sector.

It includes fortifying the global energy market, developing green energy sources and securing global supply chains.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point China & Russia Cooperation Blog News 2022.

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Pentagon Works with CIA
Pentagon Works with CIA
30-11-22 16:08

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Kidnapped by System
Kidnapped by System
01-12-22 12:47

China and Russia will continue to develop, as the US hegemony is coming to and end?