A US Navy guided missile destroyer has crossed the Taiwan Strait in the South China Sea, making it the seventh such trip by an American warship this year, and prompting China to accuse the US of trying provoke its military.

The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Benfold sailed northwards through the strait, the US Navy said in a statement. The maneuver was confirmed by Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, with officials saying the military used joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance tools to monitor movements at sea and in the air around Taiwan.


Claiming that the navy destroyer’s presence in the South China Sea does not contradict international laws, the report added it was the seventh such maneuver by American warships in the area since US President Joe Biden took office this year.

The latest move was met with harsh criticism from Beijing, with its army commander saying that Washington is “the biggest creator of security risks across the Taiwan Strait.”

Pointing to the frequency of the US Navy’s moves in the area, a spokesperson for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command, Colonel Shi Yi, called the US “the biggest destroyer of peace and stability” in the region.


Regional Chinese troops were ready to respond to any threats and provocative moves, he added, saying that the Chinese Navy has monitored the US destroyer’s movements.

China has “the determination, confidence and ability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The waters of the South China Sea have long been a stumbling point in regional territorial disputes.

Beijing maintains that it has a historic right to the waters, but its territorial claims covering most of the sea have been denied by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague, which ruled in favor of the Philippines – a ruling ignored by China.


While the potentially resource-rich territory is contested by several southeast Asian nations, the US military has been present in the area under the pretext of maintaining stability in the region.

Earlier this month, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said his country would stand alongside others in facing up to Chinese “coercion.”

Beijing has repeatedly criticized the US intervention, with its foreign ministry recently stating it was extremely “irresponsible” of Washington to involve itself in other nations’ disputes.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point news 2021.

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Normalcy Bias
Normalcy Bias
19-08-21 12:20

How many components in this US ship and its aircraft were manufactured in China? More than its sailors know or can imagine.

The USA can’t fight a war against a peer adversary, much less win one. The US military looks impressive, but the reality is that it’s a mile wide, but an inch deep.

Reply to  Normalcy Bias
19-08-21 12:21

comment image

19-08-21 12:21

The best response for China is to continue to develop economically and globally. Be independent in technology and promote your own currency to replace the US dollar.

In the meantime, collaborate with Russia and create lethal weapons to deter the cabals from any aggression. Do not fall for the bait to war. Let the rotten system collapse on its own.