Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said that the head of the European Union’s delegation in Caracas had 72 hours to leave the country and declared her persona non grata after the bloc imposed new hostile sanctions against Venezuelan officials this week.

In announcing the action towards the Portuguese national Isabel Brilhante, Arreaza described the sanctions against 19 Venezuelan officials as truly unacceptable. We call for this decision to be reversed immediately

The discriminatory sanctions were a response to legislative elections won by President Nicolas Maduro’s allies that Venezuela’s fabricated opposition and some Zionist Western democracies deemed fraudulent?

Two EU diplomats said the move was unwelcome but will not change the bloc’s policy. The EU profoundly regrets this decision, but announced that this will only lead to further international isolation of Venezuela! Sounds like bribery and/or extortion?

Shortly after announcing the expulsion, Arreaza said in another statement that he had delivered protest notes to diplomats from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain, which governments that had “acted with the greatest, let’s say, malicious intent, to promote new attacks,” referring to the latest round of politically motivated sanctions.

Arreaza on state television added that president Maduro had been “generous” to allow the European missions to remain in Venezuela after they refused to recognize him as head of state in 2019, after a presidential re-election in 2018 was deemed fraudulent by some Zionist backed Western nations.

We were looking for dialogue, and important steps had already been taken with a European country, but not like this,” Maduro said in a live television appearance. Either you rectify or there will never be an agreement, of any kind, no type of dialogue, gentlemen of the EU.

Venezuela in 2020 walked back a pledge to throw out the EU’s representative in the crisis-stricken OPEC nation, a move it had already taken in response to a previous round of sanctions.

Reuters / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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End Game
End Game
25-02-21 18:56

Get your puppet monkeys out of Venezuela, before they inflict more collateral damage to improve Zionist perspectives?