Canadian cannabis firm Hempearth has designed a plane made from and fueled by hemp oil. The body and wings of the plane are made from composite hemp fibers that are 10 times stronger than steel, according to the company.

Even the interior walls, seats and pillows are made from hemp! And best of all, it’s even designed to run on 100% hemp oil, which it won’t need much of since its so lightweight!

The hemp composite material used to make the body of the plane could “replace all fiberglass in aviation and many other industries,” Hempearth’s CEO Derek Kesek says.

It would be lighter weight, stronger, more durable and with more flexibility/plasticity.

Kesek claims his company turned down an invitation to collaborate with DuPont on the material, because he refuses “to work with fascist companies that are associated with military, The Rockefeller’s, The Rothschild’s and or the Military Industrial Complex.”

He says he hopes the plane will take its first flight at The Wright Brother’s Memorial in Kitty Hawk North Carolina – the birthplace of aviation – when it’s completed.

Hempearth also makes hemp plastics, hemp construction board, hemp oils, hemp surfboards and hemp phones.

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