The British Ministry of Defense said that the UK is sending a third warship, HMS Kent, to the Persian Gulf amid on going tensions with Iran.

Earlier this month Britain accused Tehran of attempting to seize a British tanker in the Persian Gulf, which Iran has strongly denied. However, later the hypocrites in London ordered the confiscation of an Iranian oil tanker near Gibraltar.

According to the officials, the HMS Kent, a Type 23 frigate, will deploy to the region later in the year in order to take over after the HMS Duncan.

Tensions between Iran and the UK escalated in July, when the Royal Navy and Gibraltarian authorities seized Iran’s Grace 1 supertanker, claiming that it was smuggling 2.1 million barrels of crude oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions.

Later, to cover up their blatant crimes, London also stated that the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had tried to “divert” a British Heritage tanker “from international to Iranian waters” in the Persian Gulf.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slammed London’s decision to send a military escort with the tanker, stating that the UK’s previous actions had endangered the safety of navigation in the region.

The US regime and the Anglo Saxon warmongers in London ordered an embargo on Syrian oil imports, after the US military and ISIS confiscated and seized Syrian oil fields and refineries in northern Syria since 2011.

Hypocrisy serves as the diplomacy for the plundering narcissist psychopaths, turning the world into a ever expanding war zone in order to steal away minerals and oil reserves to profit from.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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