Florida has placed Unilever, the parent company of Ben & Jerry’s, on a state watch list after the creamery recently decided to halt some of its operations in “occupied territories” along the Israeli state, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Over the last several weeks, the decision by American ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s to halt the sales of its sweets in the West Bank and East Jerusalem prompted outrage as US officials opted to implement their own responses against the US creamery.


Now, Florida officials have weighed in and taken a page from the company’s own move.

Gov. Ron DeSantis made the grand revelation in which he detailed that Unilever was being tacked onto Florida’s “Scrutinized Companies that Boycott Israel” list after he initially submitted a request in late July, just moments after the creamery announced its shift in business practices.

The release from the governor’s office specifies that if Unilever does not back down on its sales halt within the next 90 days, it will effectively become subject to an investment prohibition and will see any contracts with the company or its subsidiaries cut.

Florida set to ban Unilever from state contracts if Ben ...

As a matter of law and principle, the state of Florida will not tolerate discrimination against the state of Israel or the Israeli people,” DeSantis said in a statement accompanying the release.

By placing Ben & Jerry’s Fortune 500 parent company Unilever on our List of Scrutinized Companies that Boycott Israel, Florida is sending a message to corporate America that we will defend our strong relationship with the Jewish State.

Jimmy Patronis, who serves as the chief financial officer for the Sunshine State, further underscored in the release that “Ben & Jerry’s decision to very publicly discriminate against Israel was a shortsighted attempt to virtue signal to folks on the radical left.


The strongly-worded release from the governor’s office also emphasized that steps taken with the Florida State Board of Administration were intentionally done to deter any other woke corporation that might consider cutting ties with Israel.

The latest only comes days after the Permanent Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilead Erdan, issued multiple letters to US governors urging them to strike back at Ben & Jerry’s through their state’s legislation against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.


Israeli officials also kicked things up after some 90 Knesset members signed a letter urging Ben & Jerry’s to backtrack their decision.

To date, Unilever has stood firm and stressed that it wholly intends to remain fully committed to Israel, regardless of the creamery’s late July announcement that it would no longer operate in areas it considered occupied by the Israeli state.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Ethnic News 2021.

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04-08-21 19:08

A quote from Philp Giraldi article: “If anyone does not have a problem with the behavior of Israel and its proxies in the United States I will attempt to explain. Wealthy Israel, which has been taking the United States taxpayer for a ride for over seventy years, is a major strategic liability for the US and a moral cesspit due to its genocidal policies towards the Palestinians and its incessant promotion of war within its region and beyond. Its president is now grossly hyperbolically referring to an ice cream company’s partial boycott as a “new form of terrorism.” In the… Read more »

04-08-21 19:09

Ron, take a deep breath, then realize you cannot truly support those committing genocide, ethnic cleansing, bombing civilians, etc. You really need to join BDS,

04-08-21 19:10

Prez Vlad the Impaler III, or anywhere it seems or otherwise well paid by jewish organizations to the point where no action is breach of contract.

Vot Tak
Vot Tak
04-08-21 19:11

One sided article that is biased in favor of the Israelis … “in late July, just moments after the creamery announced its shift in business practices.” … The Israeli quisling DeSantis wasted no time. Obviously he got his orders from Israel. This disgusting traitor should be on trial for treason, not sitting in a governor’s mansion.

05-08-21 10:12

Better avoid eating ice cream, because its stuffed with poisonous crap.