The 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, canceled amid the Corona-virus plandemic in 2020, will now be held in Rotterdam @ the Ahoy Arena.

The EBU said that it will work with its Dutch members and the City of Rotterdam to ensure the continuity of the event in a number of different scenarios.

However, Belarus will be banned to participate in the traditional event, because it violates competition rules. The BTRC [Belarusian state-run broadcaster] has failed to submit an eligible entry within the extended deadline.

The chairman of Belarusian state media company Belteleradiocompany (BTRC), a member of the EBU and an organizer of the national selection project for Eurovision, Ivan Eismont, told Sputnik that he considered the EBU decision to be politically motivated.

The European Broadcasting Union had officially informed Belteleradiocompany about its decision, but the letter does not make the essence of the claims to the new song of the Belarusian participant clear.

Earlier, organizers of the Eurovision contest offered Belarus the opportunity to replace the song “I will teach you” by the group Galasy ZMesta, seeing a political subtext in it. The song has been removed from the contest’s YouTube channel.

The Church of Cyprus has called on the government to prevent the song chosen by state broadcaster CyBC, which is entitled “El Diablo” (“The Devil”), from representing the island nation in this year’s Eurovision song contest.

The song, which is performed by Greek singer Elena Tsagrinou, has already sparked a strong backlash among some groups of believers who slammed it as satanic.

After the song was presented last week, the broadcaster started to receive threats from angered citizens calling for its withdrawal from the song contest.

However, CyBC said it had no intention to replace the song, saying it was mis-understood, as it is about the struggle of good and evil and has nothing to do with religion.

The Holy Synod also expressed disagreement and disappointment with the position of the broadcaster’s leadership that instead of contributing to promoting the rights of the Cypriot people and their demands for freedom and the supremacy of moral values.

But now instead they prepared “a global mockery … [of the country] proclaiming that Cyprus must surrender to the devil and promote his evil worship?

The Eurovision song contest, canceled last year over the coronavirus pandemic, will take place in the Dutch city of Rotterdam from May 18-22, gathering performers from 40 European countries.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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26-03-21 20:52

Since Ukraine won Eurovision some years ago due to an undemocratic rule change that took people out of the voting and appointed a corrupt committee to do so, this contest has become a politicized farce. It is being used to humiliate certain countries.

26-03-21 20:53

The CyBC thinks it’s a law unto itself. The song is supposed to represent the country and its people but here we have it ignoring both these. The people are rebelling against this song but the CyBC which is supposed to represent them is showing contempt against their wishes. Just find a better song, which after all, it won’t get far in this stupid outdated political competition.