Bank of England refuses to return Venezuela’s $1.2 billion in gold, because the USA intends to use it to fund illegally appointed opposition leader Juan Guaido

The Bank of England’s decision to deny Maduro officials’ withdrawal request comes after U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton, lobbied their U.K. counterparts to help cut off Caracas from its overseas assets.

The UK followed the USA and some other countries in recognizing unelected opposition and National Assembly leader Juan Guaido, as the new president of Venezuela.

The European Union threatened to recognize Guaido unless a presidential election is called with eight days, which is technically impossible, but an unofficial attempt to call Maduro’s bluff to stay in command?

Retrieving the gold in the Bank of England has been a major priority for Caracas for weeks. Back in mid-December, Calixto Ortega, the president of Venezuela’s central bank, led a delegation to London that sought to gain access to it.

Central bank officials in Caracas have been ordered to no longer try contacting the Bank of England. These central bankers have been told that Bank of England staffers will not respond to them anymore?

The U.S. officials are trying to steer Venezuela’s overseas assets to Guaido to help bolster his chances of effectively taking control of the government. The $1.2 billion of gold is a big chunk of the $8 billion in foreign reserves held by the Venezuelan central bank.

The whereabouts of the rest of the foreign reserves is largely unknown. Turkey, though, has emerged recently as a destination for freshly mined Venezuelan gold.

The hostile US regime is now leading an international effort to persuade Turkey, a key Maduro backer, along with Russia and China, but also Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Iran and many others to stop being a conduit for these gold shipments.

Bloomberg / ABC Flash Point Confiscation News 2019.

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Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
25-08-20 14:41

Just like the US Zionist regime freezing other nations assets to cover up their bankruptcy?