President Bashar Assad has made it plain clear that American troops should leave Syria now that Damascus is preparing for talks with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

But the Pentagon claims Assad’s call for US troops to pull out of Syria is a bad policy. At the moment the USA has 20 military bases in Syria which occupy 25% of the land. The US military also confiscated or annexed 80% of the lucrative Syrian oil fields.

US Joint Staff Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie said that any interested party in Syria should understand that attacking US forces or our coalition partners will be a bad policy.

Assad made it clear that the areas in Syria, which are currently under SDF control, would be retaken with Americans or without Americans.

Earlier this year, US President Donald Trump floated the idea of withdrawing American soldiers from Syria, but senior Pentagon and State Department officials reacted by saying that US troops will stay on in this Arab country to protect the ConocoPhillps refineries.

The US-led coalition has been launching air strikes on Syrian soil since 2014, in a hostile mission that was never approved by the Syrian government nor the UN Security Council.

Therefore the US military is committing war crimes, being responsible for the 500.000 deaths and $500 billion destruction of the Syrian infrastructure and historical UNESCO heritage sites.

Flash Point Occupation / AA Magnum Invasion News 2018.

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19-08-20 01:35

Two years later they still occupy oilfields and refineries for ConocoPhillips? So stealing Syrian oil, while putting an embargo on oil imports?